Let the Floors Creak

Have you ever ran up the stairs, singing a little song, busted into the bedroom, and then halt. Terrified. How could this have happened?  THE BABY IS STILL ASLEEP.

This happened to me today, I found myself in the middle of our bedroom, stuck. Trying to see through the mesh guard rail, to see if the baby is actually still sleeping.

Is he just being quiet?
I swear I heard him making noise!
But his eyes look closed…

Let me just lean in a little closer.  Slowly, carefully, making sure both of feet were firmly planted on “safe” floorboards…

Just as I suspected. This is a sleeping baby. Whatever peeps and grunts I heard over the monitor were no longer. So what do I do now? Sure, I had just ran in there banging around and singing, but I couldn’t just walk out. Right? The floorboards would squeak! The squeaking will wake up this beautiful sleeping boy. So I turn around, and slowly, so so slowly, tiptoe out of the room. Trying to hit the spots that I hope don’t make thunderous cracking sounds as I slip from the room.

Our house was built in 1900, and I’m sure all of the floors creak. But you don’t notice any of them except our bedroom floor. Every nap time, I try to map myself a “safe” non-squeaky route out of the room. It hasn’t happened yet. Every morning, when my husband, who by design I don’t think is capable of tiptoeing, gets up to go to work at 4:30AM, he wakes us up. Actually, he wakes me up.  I don’t actually think that the squeaky floors have ever actually woken the baby up.


2 thoughts on “Let the Floors Creak

  1. Well, if you ever do figure out what floorboards don’t squeak, but a little piece of painter’s tape on the “safe” stepping spots so you’ll be able to find them the next time. Just a thought.

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