Nursing a Cold While Nursing

So Simon and I have been bonding over our first cold together the past two days.  I can think of better ways to bond.

Having a cold, being sick, it really really isn’t fun. And if someone told me it would be even worse with a baby, I would have believed them. But I don’t think there is any way for you to know, until it actually happens. It really really really isn’t fun.

Not to mention that I am nursing Simon, so yesterday afternoon, I found myself at the WalMart pharmacy section, trying to figure out:
a) what I could take while nursing, and
b) what I wanted to take.
If you aren’t familiar, some drugs pass through into your milk, and aren’t good for your baby. Some are just fine. Some are listed a “probably fine”, which makes me walk away. Anyway, the part of me that was realizing how horrible being sick with a baby is, wanted to take as many drugs as possible, so that I could feel better to take care of my little nursling. The other part of me that hates taking medicine, wanted to get the most natural remedies as possible. I tried searching the LactMed app, but the few traditional drugs I quickly searched didn’t come up. So I did a google search, and an article on popped up, with the first section being on natural remedies. So away I went.

Something I was happy to see on the list and scooped up first, was zinc. So I went home with zinc lozenges.

I always buy these when I am sick. In fact, I probably already have a package in my bathroom. I usually only get sick once a year, and I always buy a new pack of lozenges. I have a collection of half used packs of lozenges and cough drops.

Do they work? Who knows? Really, how can you tell if they are shortening the duration of your cold? You had no idea how long it was planning on being to begin with. But they do have menthol in them, so at least I could breathe for a short time after using them.
Remedy Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I also went home with nasal saline. I figure, I use it for the baby, I guess it makes sense to use for me too, right? But it really freaks me out. And there is no one to suck it back out of my nose with a giant bulb. I used it, but I wouldn’t buy it again. At least it was cheap.
Remedy Rating: 1 out of 5.

One of my favorite things, that I read on the kellymom site, was to wet a cotton ball with peppermint essential oil, and sniff that. Wow. I happened to have some peppermint essential oil lying around. If you don’t…well maybe you should pick some up for the next time you have a cold. If you can’t breathe at all, well, then it can’t do much. But as long as you can breathe through your nose the teeniest bit, its amazing.
Remedy Rating: 4 out of 5.

It also would be helpful to have a really great Thai place near your house, and have your husband pick up something spicy on the way home.

(Excuse the grainy cell phone pictures.  I was sick.)
I had red curry. So yummy. Obviously we don’t eat chicken noodle soup anyway, but it is a way better remedy. Not only do you get the sinus clearing that you get from soup even when you don’t have a cold, but you also get the sinus clearing from the spiciness. Oh, and it tastes way better than chicken noodle soup too.
Remedy Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (an extra half point for deliciousness)

Simon can’t have too much salt, so no takeout curry for him. He was stuck with pears and broccoli. He really does loves his broccoli though.

As I was going to bed last night, dreading a night of no sleep, where I would probably end up waking up the baby because I’d be tossing around, I stared longingly at the NyQuil. That would never go, I doubt it’s approved, and I wouldn’t want to be that out of it anyway. My eyes shifted over, and the BreatheRight strips popped out at me. Yes!!! I had the pregnant sniffles for quite awhile, around 6 months in. They were a lifesaver, and I guess I had some left over. And they have once again proved their worth. I love these things. I always thought of them as more of a snoring remedy, so I never thought of using them, then got the suggestion to try them while I was pregnant. They are killer for colds. We both slept like sick babies. Which means we got up and cried for about 30 minutes around 2:00AM, but other than that, I can’t complain. Well, except about the sticky stuff on my nose in the morning, but in the scheme of things…I’ll take it. I considered taking a picture of me in the BreatheRight strip, but it was quickly shot down by my pride. I have limits.
Remedy Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I feel much better today, but I can’t give any of these remedies a 5 out of 5, because obviously, none of them actually cured my cold. But no drugs that I could have bought would have cured your cold anyway. It all just hides your symptoms until you kick it.  If I had to be at work, or an important meeting, or something, I would consider taking something a little stronger.  But I’m lucky to be able to stay home with Simon, relax, and recover.

I’m going to stick another BreatheRight strip on my nose, inhale some essential oils, and hope that tonight, we will sleep like healthy babies.


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