Bananas and Berries and…


I’ve been in a bit of a dessert rut lately. Ice cream, cookies, repeat. I don’t even really like ice cream, but it keeps finding it’s way into our shopping cart. Then into my dessert bowl. And subsequently, into my belly. The scale this morning, seemed to notice. Since I’ve been breastfeeding Simon, I’ve either been losing or maintaining my weight without even trying. No longer.

Everyone knows the old standby healthy dessert. Fruit. Yes, fruit is delicious, fruit is sweet, but when it comes to dessert, it leaves you wanting more. Something silky, something creamy, something…from a spray can?


Okay, if you haven’t tried Fat Free Redi Whip, you’re missing out, for real. It is 5 calories for 2 tablespoons (the while can is under 200 calories) and it somehow manages to taste yummy, and be a lot more rich and decadent than anything fat free should be. Layer that in a bowl with raspberries, and a sliced banana, and you have something way better than just plain old fruit.


Just as satisfying as ice cream, plus it’s pretty darn good for you. Not a bad way to start our four day weekend!



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