French Toast Muffins

What a beautiful weekend it has been!  Especially since my husband was home for a lot of it with 4 days off.  He had to work one night but, such is life.

Sunday morning was spent with friends, and I got to cook for them, so two big plusses there. I like having people over for brunch, it is a non-threatening way to have people who aren’t vegetarian sit down and eat food without them worrying about what they’re going to be served. Everyone can think of what a vegetarian would eat for breakfast.

But you wouldn’t think it would be French Toast Muffins, would you?

                                                       Cooling in the sun

I don’t know what came over me, I normally make waffles. But I was thinking I’d make a french toast casserole. You know, one of those things that sits in the fridge overnight? Then I thought, that might be good as muffins. A search led me to this recipe for French Toast Muffins.  One of our friends sat down, looked at them and said, “I love these!”, and I kind of gave him a look because I thought they were pretty unique, and couldn’t imagine he had them before.  He clarified that he loved them just by looking at them.  After eating one, he deemed himself correct.  I would make these again, they were that good.  A little dense, but moist enough to carry them.

Drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, they are probably even better than french toast. The husband is a big french toast fan, and let’s just say, these didn’t even make it a full day in our house.

Time to add Simon into this picture though. What could be worse than sitting around watching a bunch of adults eating delicious French Toast Muffins? Well not this baby.

 Looks like he is enjoying himself, no?

Okay, so he isn’t eating the muffins. But he is already well into finger-food land. We skipped the puree stage, and if you want to give it a name, we are doing baby-led weaning with him. Normally he just east fruits and veggies. But I had a little extra time and some extra baby ingredients laying around. We went to a wedding a few weeks ago, and Simon stayed with his grandparents.  He won’t take bottles, so we bought baby cereal to mix with breastmilk.  Didn’t work.  So we thought maybe he would just drink it from a sippy cup.  We bought some pear juice to make it a little more enticing.  Didn’t work.  So now we have a box of organic baby rice cereal and pear juice lying around. So I made him Baked Baby Rice Cereal Pancakes.

1/2 cup of baby cereal
1/2 cup flour (I used spelt)
1 cup 100% juice (pear, apple, prune, etc)

Mix it all together, bake it on a greased baking sheet at 350 for as long as it takes, around 20 minutes.  We greased our baking sheet with coconut oil. Babies need more fat than us full sized adults, so rather than just use cooking spray, why not add a little healthy fat for him?

Not so attractive. The flip side, you can see, are a nice golden brown, but upon tasting them..ick. As you can imagine from the ingredients, very bland. But, Simon is a baby, so I cut them into strips…

A little taste...

YUMMY!  He clearly dug these, big time. He’s had more since, and he can’t get enough.  He also has some fruit on that tray, and he’ll eat any fruit so far.

This is the first thing that I’ve actually made for him, so I’m pretty pleased that he liked it. It’s been really cool seeing him actually ingest more and more of what he puts in his mouth. Although one day (pretty far in the future), I’m sure he’ll enjoy some French Toast Muffins as well.


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