Mac and Cheese x2

Everyone loves mac and cheese, right?  Right.

Mac and cheese is not healthy, right?  Right.

We eat our fair share of mac and cheese.  Some simple, some with many ingredients, some stovetop, some baked, some with whole wheat pasta and veggies, some with your traditional elbows, some with cheese, some without.  Its all pretty good.  Yes, even without the cheese.

Cheese gets eaten around here, for sure.  More than I would like, so any opportunity to cut some out, I take.  And yes, mac and cheese is one of the places that I do this.  This is the best mac and cheese ever.  It is creamy and delicious.  

There are plenty of vegan mac and cheese recipes out there.  Most involving nutritional yeast.  They’re good, but really, nutritional yeast just doesn’t taste like cheese.  Its nutty and yummy but it tastes like nutritional yeast.  This recipe is a bit more complicated, as you have to soak raw cashews, cook the veggies, and it is baked; but its not difficult, and it is worth it.  My brother has asked for this multiple times, and he is not vegan.  My husband didn’t realize it wasn’t cheese.  I would even feel confident serving this to people who didn’t know it was vegan (making sure they aren’t allergic to nuts, of course).  Really, go for it.

VegNews Vegan  Macaroni and Cheese

The picture above is obviously with spinach, which I hadn’t done before.  It was good, but I would try it plain first.  Best vegan mac and cheese ever.

So while this is one of my most favorite things to eat, it is something that has to be planned, as the cashews need to be soaked.  I decided last minute that I wanted some mac and cheese the other day and found a recipe on, of course Pinterest, for a traditional (ie, with cheese) super quick and “healthier” mac and cheese recipe.  I’ve tried “healthy” mac and cheese before, even one with chickpeas (not good), and I am a healthy mac and cheese skeptic.  This one claimed, no butter, no cream, just milk and cheese and some spices.

This was super creamy, even though I used organic skim milk and low fat colby jack, because the pasta is actually cooked in the milk.  Fantastic idea, and really delicious.

One Pot, Stove Top, Creamy Mac and Cheese

Simon, of course, goes vegan.  He can’t eat mac and cheese yet.  Well, technically he could, I’m pretty sure he would have loved either of them, but no additional salt for him yet.





Simon really loves most things that he eats, but he especially loves carrots.  And I’m sure one day he’ll especially love mac and cheese, and I love that I have some awesome recipes, that are semi-healthy, and even involve some carrots.


3 thoughts on “Mac and Cheese x2

  1. Oh man, my kid wouldn’t stand it if we were eating Mac and cheese and he was NOT. I mean, like, banshee screaming and two-bottom-teeth baring mad! Tonight we had Trader Joe’s pasta with TJ’s marinara. Of course, he loved it and now he is splish-splashing away to de-grime before bedtime. 😉

    So, a friend of mine just asked me a BLW question and I didn’t really have a definite answer: “Why is BLW against salt?” I just said that I use common sense such as I’m not going to give him items that are heavily salted or are known to be. I add little salt during cooking and I still feed the baby, that’s okay to do, correct?

    • I hate cooking without salt. Sometimes I forget to add it at the end, and I can’t figure out wh my food tastes like crap, then I realized I didn’t season it because of Simon. I’m also trying to avoid having a salt shaker at the table though (which I never have in the past, but now that I keep forgetting to add it after I take his out…) because I don’t want to get him into that habit. So. I think there are two reasons salt is avoided. Their little baby kidneys can’t handle as much salt as adult kidneys. Also, if they start out eating salty food, they’ll be more likely to want more salt on their foods in the future. Kind of like how you aren’t supposed to give them a lot of sugar, or they’ll have more of a “taste” for sweet foods. I guess in a way that’s the same reason, its still about your kidneys processing the salt. Who knows how much it really affects their future “tastes”, but overtaxing the kidneys is a good enough reason for me. I’m not a salt nazi, he’ll have some bread once in awhile, but these are too much salt in my opinion, and I’m not sure how making part of it with salt, and part without, would work.

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