Crankypants in Cowmooflage

Today was an epic fail. So much so that I don’t even want to have photographic proof of it.

Simon is going through, I hope, his 9 month growth spurt. He has been fussy all day, tired all day, eating all day. I’m remembering how frustrating those early growth spurts were, and laughing at myself a little because at least then, he would sleep most of the day. Oh, you want to eat and sleep all day? Have at it! Now he still wants to be eating, but he also wants Mommy to hold him all day, and to pull his own hair so he doesn’t fall asleep.

I shouldn’t complain about that too much, in a few years I’m sure I’ll be wishing for him to be going through a spurt where he wants extra Mommy love so much he’ll pull his own hair to spend time with me.

I had plans tonight, but didn’t get out of the house at all because of crankypants, and because it was snowing! Okay maybe I used that as an excuse not to leave the house, since it was really just a dusting.


Dinner was one of the biggest upsets in the history of my kitchen. Soup. Tomato vodka soup. I forgot to deglaze the pan, so the alcohol didn’t cook out. Alcoholic soup (I know that sounds like maybe it *could* be good…it is not). Then I accidentally added vanilla almond milk instead of the plain soymilk. Even worse was that I had intended to freeze it and defrost it for Thanksgiving…you know to make things easier. Better, I guess, than it failing on Thanksgiving. At least there’s that.

To top it off, I spent some of yesterday and a lot of today writing a blog post that my heart just wasn’t in. So I scrapped it, and you’re reading this instead…which is at least sincere.

So it’s time to run upstairs to feed a crabby baby, time to get used to going out in bad weather, and time to revamp my Thanksgiving menu. And maybe time to just smile a little too, because in the grand scheme of things, none of it is really, that bad.  After all, even when he’s cranky, I still get this:


We got him his big boy carseat yesterday, a Britax Advocate in “CowMooFlage” (this print was less expensive, for some reason), and I spent some time today trying to fit it for him.  I don’t make a habit of not buckling him into his carseat!  We used Nissan Snug Kids to choose our seat, it made researching it so much easier.  Just a shout out, in case anyone is looking to fit their Nissan with a convertible carseat.

I guess there was just a little photographic proof after all!

Hoping tomorrow goes a little better than today, but at least its one day closer to the weekend, and one day closer to having family visit for Thanksgiving!


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