Countdown to Thanksgiving

For the second year in a row, my family is coming to our house for Thanksgiving!  Two things are very different this year though:  First, we have Simon.  Second, we have twice as many people coming.

Twice as many people is still only 9 of us total (including Simon), but its still the most people I’ve ever cooked a meal for.  And a huge “important” meal at that.  I’m not a big Thanksgiving fan, its more of a mark of time for me, but that doesn’t stop me from loving people being at my house, and cooking for them.  I also love that if it at my house, I don’t have to look at a dead bird (my personal preference).

This year I have everything meticulously planned.   I was running around last year, and I didn’t even have a baby, so I’m trying to keep things more relaxed.  Something will be prepped or cooked every day from now until T-day.  And on the day, I only have two things that require the oven.

Today we bought all our food, and I dug in straightaway.  I prepped and froze 2 1/2
pounds of onion for     X   Soup       .  Onions should really only be frozen if you are going to cook them.  Which I am!



Then we made      X  Cookies      .  Simon was mesmerized by the mixer.  He was trying his hardest to look over my shoulder from his Mei Tai carrier on my back.

I also did a test run of our     Main Dish   .  As well as some Green Beans that I decided I had bought too much of.

I’ll fill in the blanks after the day, with links to the recipes.  Just in case anyone who is coming reads this, I’d like for it to be somewhat of a surprise!

4 days until Thanksgiving! 


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