Two Days to T-Day

I can still call it T-Day right?  Even though there isn’t any turkey?  Although we are still running in a Turkey Trot, so that kind of counts.

Its getting closer, the beer has been purchased, the      Main Dish      has been tested… again; with pretty good results, if I do say so myself.  I wanted to make something different, but I ended up adapting a recipe I’ve made before, just not for Thanksgiving.

Today I made the Vegetarian Gravy (I figure this is not really a surprise).  This iteration came out much better than the last time I made a vegetarian gravy, which had to be tasted and adjusted, and tasted and adjusted, until I had twice as much gravy as the recipe was supposed to make.  If you don’t have a gravy recipe at the ready, I’d definitely recommend this one.  You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen (if you’re vegetarian, otherwise you might need to get nutritional yeast), it comes together in about 15 minutes, and it doesn’t have mushrooms in it.  That last one might not be a plus for you, but it is for me!  Simple, fast, and very delicious.

Some peppers got prepped today for      Side Dish 1     , as well.  I am really excited about this one, because it is a crock pot recipe!  The prep is going to be frozen and then tossed into the crock pot on Thanksgiving day.  I really am trying my best to fully utilize all cooking appliances, so that the oven is only needed twice!

I also made cookies today with a friend of mine and her daughter, and sadly, we did not have great results.  Another Pinterest found recipe, they were Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies.  The flavor was fine, but the execution was lacking.  They’re just finicky, some came out fine, some not so much.  The cookie is soft and tender, but the caramel has too much bite.  In the description, they recommend warming them before eating, but that’s really not just a suggestion, its a necessity.  Not ideal for Thanksgiving.  I’m hoping to try them again, in a different way.  Tomorrow.  I did have a great time baking with my friend’s daughter though.  She is 3, and it was exciting to see how much fun I will be able to have cooking and experimenting with Simon one day!

I know they look okay, but it is deceiving. They will be made better!!

The next few days are just getting busier!!  Lots of food to make, hopefully my refrigerator will grow overnight, we’re going to need more space!

2 Days to Thanksgiving! 


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