Being Bored

I’ve been missing the feeling of being bored. I blame Pinterest. Especially when I find things like this:


Homemade Buttons? I love Buttons! If I had more free time or maybe if I just managed my time a little better, I could do stuff like this again.

Except…I never did stuff like this when I did have time. But then, there wasn’t Pinterest then. From baking adventures, to cute dresses, to house decorations, there is always a picture of something showing me how much cool stuff I could have if I only had the time. Another great example:


Cute skirt, a style I love, made from men’s t-shirts. So cool! Pinned! Will I ever get around to it?

Well, that one, maybe. But it’s winter, no need to bother with thinking about skirts now, right?

A quote I like regarding running says: “if you put on your shoes and went for a run when you started thinking about it, you’d be done by now”. Oh so true. And so applicable in most situations. In reality, if I really wanted to get something done, I could. Simon isn’t that demanding [every day].

But it’s just so much easier, and still so much fun to lay on the floor playing blocks with my little man. There will always be time for homemade candy buttons. I’ll just wait until he is old enough to have fun making them with me.


4 thoughts on “Being Bored

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