The Last 10 Pounds – Episode 3: The Scale

The Marine Corp PFT Standards
I thought this question might come up. First, I am not male, and second, I am 27, so why I am I trying to meet the standards set for a 17-26 year old male? First off, this is the absolute bare minimum you need in order to pass. Not to excel. The numbers I would need to excel either the male or female test are currently too lofty of a goal. But the minimum for the female is pretty much where I am now. Anything in between seemed arbitrary, and I wanted something more concrete. This minimum for younger males seems just hard enough to be attainable for me. I know if I put in some work, I can do it!


2 thoughts on “The Last 10 Pounds – Episode 3: The Scale

  1. You CAN do it! My friend who was is now deployed in Aghanistan introduced me to a Marine workout and it kicked my ass, just saying. It was harder than P90X and that’s hard for a wimp like me.

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