A New Year: Dinner and a Resolution

Who doesn’t love the beginning of a new year? If your last year was great maybe this year will be better! If last year wasn’t great, maybe this year will be! We had a pretty busy but pretty great year this past year. While this year will inevitably be different, hopefully we will still be lucky enough for another safe and happy one.

New Year’s Day is, for us, a day to be celebrated. So while we don’t do much besides an annual Chinese food dinner for New Year’s Eve, we do have family over to celebrate on New Year’s Day.


The menu has always been Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Corn Fritters, Baked Beans, and until a few years ago, Ham. I always had a dislike for ham, so I wasn’t sad to see it leave the lineup. Until this year there was just no “meat” dish, but that spot was filled this year with what is becoming (in my family) the famous nutloaf.


The majority of the people at this dinner were not any form of vegetarian, so I was really a little nervous about serving this. Family can be your harshest critics, and I know some of my family would not hesitate to let me know if it wasn’t to their liking. But it went over really well. Everyone ate it, even the hunters, and most people went out of their way to say it was really good. I’m glad they agree, and we were all able to start off the year with a good meal!


Now that dinner is over, it is time to get started on the resolutions. I did more thinking about this for this year than I have in the past. I know many people starts the year with fitness goals, but I’ve already set goals for that.

I decided that I wanted a resolution that I would stick with, and that I would have fun doing. So I actually have two resolutions this year: To bake bread, and to learn to crochet.

Baking Bread: I was at a brunch with some other Army wives a few weeks ago, at a place with really good beer bread. Talk turns to how much better homemade bread is, and one girl scoffs that she always makes their bread, she never uses store-bought.


Really? Maybe her husband doesn’t eat as much bread as mine, because making all of our own bread is not an option for me. But at the same time, I’ve actually never made bread. I’m not talking about quick breads or sweet breads; banana bread doesn’t count here. I’m talking good old sandwich bread. So while I’m sure we will buy plenty of bread as well, I am going to try to bake a new bread at least every month.


Learn to Crochet: I already know how to knit, and I personally prefer the look of knitted objects. But every once in awhile I happen upon something that is crocheted that I would really like to make. Things like cute little owls:


Or flower embellishments:


I have a few things I want to make this year that I know would benefit from a crocheted flower, so I’m pretty excited about this resolution! Plus knitted patterns often contain a crocheted detail or two and I don’t want to have to discount those patterns because I don’t know how. I think the real challenge here is taking away what would normally be knitting time to learn.

New Years resolutions are almost always about bettering ourselves, and learning something new is a great way to do that! Additionally, these resolutions will create some yumminess and fun in my life.

I am looking forward to 2012! Happy New Year everyone!


7 thoughts on “A New Year: Dinner and a Resolution

  1. It always felt good reading your blog.
    I hope you will “make it happen” to all your resolutions 😉
    On Xmas day, we also had Vegetarian lunch-dinner made by my youngest daughter, who is vegetarian. I eat meat probably once every now and then ( I would say every 2, 3 weeks), and we totally enjoyed my daughter’s cooking.
    I agreed with you, we don’t really need meat to enjoy an amazing meal !
    Happy 2012 to you and yours !

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