I know that it doesn’t matter. It is my blog, and it is whatever I want it to be. And thus far it has been. But as I’ve been getting more into the food related posts the past few weeks, I’ve found myself wondering what exactly the identity of my blog is.

There are posts about:
Natural Parenting
Absolutely Nothing
Weight Loss

All in all, its kind of just a big mess. To be honest though, that is pretty reflective of my life at the moment – a big mess. Not in a bad way, in an “I have a baby who is going to be a year old in a month, and he wants to play, not clean”, kind of a way. Don’t worry, he isn’t growing up in filth…I have a playgroup at my house every week so that I have a reason to clean it. But he might be growing up amongst some unorganized clutter (But I know where everything is, I swear!). That takes a visit from Simon’s Grammy to get cleaned up.

The title of this blog is Oats and Beans and Baby Grow. But I feel like this has become a lot more about Mommy growing, not Baby. When I started writing here, I wanted it to follow Simon being introduced to food through Baby Led Weaning. Included in that, some background, and some “Natural Parenting” posts. And I am doing that. While Baby Led Weaning is great, there isn’t necessarily that much to write about though. So it worked out well, since I seem to have a lot of other things to write about.

I have kept a diary for most of my life, since I was teenager. But when it comes to writing here, I’ve never felt very good at doing more “diary” type posts that some people do, that chronicle their day to day life. But in a way, its broadness, its randomness, and how personal it is, does make feel like diary to me.

So welcome to my diary, that I didn’t know I had. Simon will still be growing here, but Mama is growing too.



And Simon is 11 months old today!


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