Yes, Soup for You!

I just don’t like lunch.

Am I the only one?  I feel like I have better things to do than prepare a nice lunch.  I try my best to have enough leftovers, but I always underestimate how much my husband eats (and then takes to work the next morning).  None of my posts ever say “I had this for lunch today”.  Well until now.  

Who doesn’t need a healthy eating kick start at the beginning of the year?  Its not so much the fact that its a new year, rather the result of a steady stream of cookies since Thanksgiving.  My diet itself was not terrible…minus the cookies.  Oh, and if you don’t count lunch.  Often, cookies end up being lunch.  Or I just snack all through Simon’s nap, on whatever I can find.  So sometimes it’s healthy, sometimes it’s not.

In order to keep my lunches on the healthy side, they have to be planned.  My favorite thing to have for lunch?  Soup.  So when we came back from our trip to our parents’ for the holidays, I went out and bought the ingredients to make a whole bunch of soup.

On Sunday, I make a big pot of soup, then freeze most of it.  I keep out enough for three or four days worth of soup for lunch.  Inevitably there are a few days where I either have leftovers, or we have a playdate and aren’t home.

So far I’ve made both Creamy Bean Soup:

And Garlic and Greens Soup:

Next up are the Miso French Onion Soup I made for Thanksgiving, and Vegetable Barley.  Yum!  It’ll all be frozen and ready to defrost when I’m in need of a quick lunch.

Let’s face it though, you can’t just have soup for lunch.  At least I can’t.  That’ll still send me to the pantry snacking.  Some days a quick hummus sandwich can accompany, sometimes a salad.  Today I had the salad at the top, some leftover quinoa and edamame with some red onion on some salad greens.  Yummy, and rounded that meal out to hold me over until dinner.  I wasn’t the only one enjoying today’s lunch though, Simon loves some kale.  It was one of the first foods he ever tried, and he has always loved it.

Garlic and Greens Soup works for the baby too!  He likes getting a loaded spoon with thicker soups on it too, like the Creamy Bean Soup.

Hope you all are having a great Monday and getting back into the swing of things.  Anyone else love having soup for lunch?  What is your favorite soup recipe?


6 thoughts on “Yes, Soup for You!

  1. Love soup, especially with the days getting to be so chilly!

    I made a tortilla soup yesterday that was a 30-minute meal recipe from Rachel Ray. Hers called for chicken but since I wanted to make it for lunch, I skipped it and added beans instead. It ended up having a consistency more like a chili than soup since I made it too spicy and had to add extra tomato paste, but overall was a big hit with the family. So that and my Grandma’s escarole soup (chicken or vegetable broth, carrots/celery/onions, cannolinni beans and escarole) are going to be the staples in our house for the next few weeks. But i might have to give your garlic and green soup a try!

    • Your recipe for your Grandmother’s soup sounds very similar to the garlic and greens…except there is a lot of garlic in it, haha. It doesn’t call for celery, but I did add some, and I’ve added beans to it before. I don’t add the potatoes when I’m freezing it because I don’t think they freeze well. Yum, I love soup!

  2. I love soup! I don’t think I have a favourite though. Soup on its own is never enough for me either. And regardless of what I have for lunch I usually end up snacking through the afternoon. x

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