Nursing a Baby with a Cold

It was dark, cold, and dreary out today, and unfortunately Simon’s mood reflected it. My little guy has had a couple of colds in the past 11 months, and each is just heartbreaking.

The sniffles. The sneezing. The coughs. The sad baby cuddles.

I can’t say I hate the last part, but I’d rather get happy baby cuddles.

Anyway, I’m not a big believer in medicine in general (I’m sure that is a huge surprise), and I don’t really know what medicines are available to a baby with a cold. Since I don’t even take them for myself, I’d rather not give any to him.

That leaves a parent with not too many options. When I was sick, I found a couple of natural remedies that helped, but none that could be recommended for a baby.

So I do what all parents do: set up the humidifier. I registered for one for my baby shower on a whim, and it’s probably one of the presents with the most longevity. We use it a lot.

What we also use though, is a little miracle in a bottle:


We add a few drops to the humidifier water, and the whole room turns into a vaporific paradise. I can put him down to sleep super stuffy, and then when I go to bed he is breathing perfectly clearly. It has yet to fail. This also brings up another benefit to cosleeping; Mom and Dad reap the humidifier benefits as well. Let’s face it, if Simon is sick, it’s probably only a matter of time before one of us is as well.

I really like using California Baby products. I’ve mentioned before that I also love their Calming powder. Everything is cruelty free and certified organic; I’m not an organic extremist, but since we are all going to be inhaling it, I think that is important here. They’re a good company making good products for babies. Definitely no carcinogens. I’m not being paid to say this, I just think they’re doing good by babies, and that’s a good thing.

We like to put a few drops of their Cold & Flu essential oil in his nightly bath as well. He has already gone down for the night, and hopefully when I go up in a few hours those nasal passages will be nice and clear. Even better would be him waking up to greet tomorrow in a great little baby mood. If the forecast is any indication though, I don’t think I’ll be able to say the same about the weather.

Hope you all are feeling better than Simon. Enjoy your Friday! We are looking forward to a 4 day weekend!


I am coming back on January 15, 2011 (Sunday) to edit this.  He seemed a lot better Thursday night, but then Friday night was miserable.  During his nap yesterday, as I listened over the monitor to him coughing, waking himself up, and crying when Daddy went up to put him back to sleep, I was scouring the internet for anything else that might help a baby’s cough. I found a bunch of suggestions for herbal supplements, none of which I had on hand, and none of which I could get in this town.  I did read a few times that chamomile was supposed to be a bit of a help.  And something clicked.  I had given him some Hyland’s teething tablets before bed on Thursday night (he is teething as well).  Friday night I didn’t, I wasn’t sure how much they were really bothering him.  But last night, along with a steamy bath and his beloved humidifier, I gave him some of the teething tablets again.  And he slept like a (healthy) baby.

If you are unfamiliar with Hyland’s teethings tablets, they are a homeopathic remedy that is supposed to ease teething pain.  You can find them at any drug store, but friend had told me that they really work.  I am not sure how effective they are with teething, but wouldn’t you know…they have chamomile in them.  I’m not going to be stuffing him with teething tablets all day, but they have been helping him so much for naptimes and bedtime.  One of the first things you read when you are searching for “natural remedies for a cough” is LOTS OF REST.  Since these are helping him get that rest that he needs at the moment, they are a great solution for us!

In fact, I think I need to go out and get some chamomile for myself.


2 thoughts on “Nursing a Baby with a Cold

  1. I’m sure Simon is doing better since he has such a good mama! Humnoy had the sickies *right* before my birthday weekend where we were heading out to a hotel getaway at a mountain resort! Typical, right?

    I just gave him extra mama milk, lots of skin-to-skin, and a couple warm baths in a steam-filled bathroom. He was MUCH better in time for our departure. Amazing what a mama can do!

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