Random Pinterest Pick

Is anyone tired of Pinterest yet?  I hope not.  At this point, I have 229 pins.  I don’t know if that would be considered a lot, but I like to think I am fairly discretionary with my pins.  If its food, I like to make sure there is a link to a recipe.  If its a knitted object, I check to make sure there is a pattern and it isn’t a link to someone’s etsy shop (they often are).

Sometimes, Pinterest makes me feel lazy.  I am not doing all of these amazing things that are pinned on there.  At the same time, I have done way more DIY type things than I ever have before I started using Pinterest.  So it has been kind of inspiring as well.  I’m going to focus on the latter.  I also don’t find it to be the time-suck that others claim it is.  I have a Pinterest routine:

Log in
Check friends’ new pins
Check all food pins
Check all DIY pins
Check all Kids pins
Close window

Done! That takes, at most, 10 minutes.

Anyway, I DO still have those 229 pins, and I think I have maybe done 15 of them.  As in, I made the pinned recipe, or created the project pictured, etc.  I don’t think that’s enough!  So since it has been a snowy 4-day weekend for us, I decided I would do “something” from my pinboards today.  And I decided that it should be random.  Enter random number generator:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2012-01-15 19:51:55 UTC

I was excited to see a low number, because it meant I had to go pretty far back (to, you know, a whole two months ago), and see what I had pinned when I had first started.  It was funny to see how many things I had pinned twice.  For example, just today I pinned a recipe for bathtub crayons.  Sure enough, number 19 was a recipe for bathtub crayons as well.

But we aren’t talking about number 19 here, are we?  We are talking about number 18.  And number 18 was:

50 Jar Recipes?  Great Idea!

Okay, maybe I wasn’t such a discretionary “pinner” at that time, because this isn’t such a  great idea.  Maybe if you picnic a lot?  But a lot of the recipes aren’t even made in the jars.  Regardless, I am committed!  Plus, I had 50 recipes to choose from, so there was at least one that popped out at me; one that I had all the ingredients for, and would put some food in the fridge to go with my soup for lunch this week.  Of the 50 recipes, it was number 35:

Wheat Berry Apple Salad in a Jar

I couldn’t understand why you would put this in a jar.  At least in the blog post that went along with it, she explains that she did in fact, bring it to a picnic.

So I went off and made my own.  I have had a bag of wheat berries sitting in my pantry for months.  Perhaps even years.  Why?  Because they take so long to make.  And unlike rice, or barley, which seem like a nice savory side, wheat berry always seems to get tossed into a sweeter salad…very much like this one.  Probably because it is a delicious salad.  So for now, I’ll do as the pin says, and perhaps come up with a more inventive usage for wheat berries at another time.

Cherry Wheat Berry Salad

Of course, I couldn’t stick to the original recipe, but these are only minor tweaks.  I had dried cherries, and they really wanted to be used in this. For some reason I couldn’t get using a mustard based dressing to go with the cherries out of my head.

You Need:
2 cups dry wheat berries
1 small apples, chopped
1 cup dried cherries, roughly chopped
1/2 cup minced red onion
1/3 cup chopped parsley
agave mustard dressing

You Will:
Cook the wheat berries. Combine everything in a large bowl. Toss, and season to taste.

The agave dressing (or honey if you prefer), is a mix of approximately equal parts lemon juice, agave nectar, and mustard. Then enough oil to equal the sum of all those parts, with salt and pepper to taste. This is a light dressing, the mustard taste is not overpowering. If you want a more mustard-y dressing…add more mustard!

By the way, the best tip for keeping your apples from browning (works well for pears also); put them in some salt water!  I don’t like the lemon tip, I don’t like my apples to taste like lemon.  But if you soak them in 1/2 tsp of salt to 4 cups of water for 3 minutes, they’ll stay nice and white, and will just taste like apples.

In the end…so good! Okay, so I didn’t serve it in the jar. But as I was spooning it into a glass for photographic purposes I thought that eating it this way, in a glass or even the jar, wouldn’t be a bad form of portion control.

I am so glad I have this now for the rest of the week. Its a Miso French Onion Soup kind of week, and since I don’t make it with the bread and cheese (yes, its still good), it really needed something substantial added alongside. This fits that need perfectly.

I love this idea of picking a random pin, it really got me excited, and consequently turned my kitchen into a mess, which I love. Hopefully I’ll get to a DIY project next, I don’t think I’ve done any crafty projects since before Christmas!


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