One Last Gift

I have something exciting to share.

I finally finished my last Christmas present.  Just in time for Christmas!

Or not.  I’m still patting myself on the back though.  It is less than a month after Christmas.  It is still winter.  In fact, it feels more like winter than it did at Christmas.  Which is good, because this present is a scarf,

a pretty scarf!

I gave this to my mom, on the needles for Christmas.  I then packed it back up in my bag, and really tried really hard to finish it while we were home visiting.  It didn’t happen, but I got close.  So it was only a matter of time before it was done.

I have embarked on many crafty projects over the years.  When I was young, I had a kitten hook rug pillow that I worked on for awhile until I got tired of it.  My mom got me this really cool bead loom, that I only ever half made something on (although I often wish I still had it, and hope one day it’ll turn up).  I have at least 3 embroidery hoops with works in progress on them, either embroidery or cross stitch.  I have a quilt with a completed top, that is all pinned and ready to be quilted to its backing and batting, that has been waiting for that step since my husband was last deployed.  In 2008.

This is one of the things that I like about knitting.  I finish things.  I love all kinds of crafty things, but I lose patience with them quickly.  Amongst knitters, you will usually find two types.  Those who have multiple works in progress, and those who just have one.  With only a few exceptions, I am the latter.  I work on one thing at a time, until it is finished, and then I move on to the next project.  It works out well, because I have a long queue of things that I want to knit, so there’s that motivation to finish a project purely to move onto the next thing.  I’m even more motivated if it is something for myself, because I am making it because it is something I want.  I also like that it can be either relaxing, or challenging, and it is so convenient.  Pick it up, knit.  Love it.

When we drove to New York from Missouri this past summer, my mom came with me to hang out with Simon.  We stopped at a yarn shop in Erie, PA, The Cultured Purl, and they had a scarf hanging that she mentioned she liked.  It was a curly scarf, and I thought then that I would make it for Christmas.  I had pretty much given up because I had a hard time finding a knit curled scarf.  Most of them were crocheted, which I’m still working on.  But at a local craft fair I found a local yarn purveyor who had a beautiful curling scarf hanging up, and if I bought her yarn, I got the pattern.  It was very fine, very pretty kid mohair yarn (don’t get it wet, mom), and I love that it was local, so I had no problem with that arrangement.  The yarn was held double, hence the two balls of yarn.  This was the impetus for making my yarn jar.  I really wanted something that would protect this delicate yarn while it was in my knitting bag, and something that would brace both balls of yarn when I pulled strands.

The scarf is worked in short rows.  While that requires attention, this is still an easy project.  I don’t feel it is my place to post the pattern here, but if you are interested, send me an email, and I can point you in the right direction.

I hope my mom likes it, (one last time) Merry Christmas!

****UPDATE 02/23/2012****  I have gotten a few emails about this.  All very curt and demanding of the pattern.  If you would like the pattern, please ask nicely.  Thank you, and thank you for reading!


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