Baby vs Toddler

When Simon was a teeny tiny, I wondered when you stopped identifying their age in weeks.  You don’t really hear anyone say that their baby is 39 weeks old, right?  So when would it stop?

3 months, that’s when it stops.

Now, I periodically wonder when you stop identifying their age in months.  I’m assuming after 2 years.  Definitely by 3.  But I wouldn’t know yet, we aren’t there yet.

Where we are though, is on the cusp of a different type of child identification:  Baby vs. Toddler.

As Simon approaches the one year mark, people have started to say things like “welcome to having a toddler”, or “aren’t toddlers so much fun?”.  But what makes him a toddler?  He doesn’t walk yet, he barely talks.  He doesn’t wave bye-bye, and he still chews on everything.

Then yesterday, I happened upon this:  


That little guy is a Topzy Tumbler (accompanied by orange block).  Simon loves them, and this one is his favorite.  He’s been on the “Missing Toys” list since Christmas.

Later that night, things got better.  Or worse.  I guess it depends on your perspective:

Worse, for me.  Now I have to clean the whale…well.  Better for the whale.  Being a water dwelling creature and a bath toy, he probably enjoyed it.

Minutes later, I went to take Simon’s diapers out of the wash:

This little tiger must’ve been dropped in the diaper pail, unbeknownst to me.  He took a few spins through the washing machine, so at least I can assume he is clean!

Each of these made me laugh, pretty hard.  Maybe bbecause it is still the beginning.  The beginning of what?

Having a toddler!

I’m pretty sure toddler must mean “able to get into mischief”.  No walking, talking, or waving required.  It’s fun, crazy, and a little scary to see my baby growing into a little toddler.  If nothing else, things are certainly going to be getting a bit more interesting!


2 thoughts on “Baby vs Toddler

  1. Ah, this post made me laugh. It’s funny b/c just yesterday I was having the “when do we stop saying age in months” discussion at a one year old’s b-day party, and we decided it was at age 2. 🙂

    I just want to tell you that thus far, the toddler stage has been so much fun. For some reason, I thought it would be really hard and challenging. Maybe that will come, but for now the walking and everyday changes/growth are quite entertaining, and I am truly loving this stage.

    • I’m so glad you say the toddler stage is fun! I feel like I’ve been trepidatious about it, in a “Be careful what you wish for” kind of a way. He is getting closer to walking every day, I am so excited for him to toddle up to me!!!!

      I participate in a few groups where women practice extended breastfeeding, and for some reason they tend to still use months, even when they’re over 2. But that’s the only place I’ve seen it. I wonder if it is because it makes them seem younger? Like they don’t want to say they’re breastfeeding their 2 and a half year old for some reason? I don’t know, haha.

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