I Will Crochet

So, I am learning to crochet. I know I made it my New Year’s Resolution, but I hadn’t gotten the spark to get started until the other day at Joann’s. I was walking around, buying supplies for Simon’s Valentines, and saw one of those cheapie booklets on how to learn to crochet. In one of them, this pattern jumped out at me, so I bought the booklet, the perfect yarn for it, and got all pumped up to start crocheting.

Never mind that it is an advanced beginner pattern, I already know how to knit, how hard can it be?

Hard. And easy. It reminds me a lot of learning Italian in college. I had already taken French all through high school, and two advanced courses in college. Since they’re both rooted in Latin, they have a lot of commonalities. But when it comes down to it, and you have to come up the word for cat on your Italian vocab quiz, le chat will not suffice.

That’s the hard part; what you already know, is easier. Knitting and crochet both have their own languages. Some of it is similar: a row, a repeat, gauge, increases and decreases. But it ends there. The tools aren’t interchangeable, and a chain stitch does not translate to a knit stitch.

So I have resigned myself to realize that I am going to have to start with something simpler before I dive into creating my bag. I don’t need another scarf, so I decided on a dishcloth. I don’t think you can really call yourself any kind of yarn-crafter until you have made a scarf and a dishcloth.

I picked what seems like the simplest dishcloth pattern I could find, and you know what? I still can’t read it. I’ve got to start somewhere though!

So now my couch is littered with little test patches, practicing my chain stitch and my single crochet. I was even brave enough to pull out a cotton ombre and start my chain for the base of the dishcloth.








I am still learning as I go, but with some persistence, You Tube videos, and a crochet dictionary at my side, I have high hopes!


7 thoughts on “I Will Crochet

  1. I really love to knit, I am almost obsessed with it. Do you really think it’s worth it to crochet as well? I can’t think of anything I’d rather have done in a crochet pattern than a knit pattern.

    • I do!! I found a group on Ravelry that is “Crocheting for People Who Don’t”, something like that, lol, and that is what intend to be. I love the way knitting looks, but every once in awhile I see something that is crocheted, or a pattern with a crochet detail, and I think, “I should really learn how to do that!”

  2. I’ve been knitting since I was 6, and I’ve never made a dish-cloth, if it makes you feel any better! The bag looks amazing! If I can do anything to help translate, let me know!

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