A Little Love Party

      Mommy’s origami heart mobile

How was your Valentine’s Day?  Did you celebrate?  Go to dinner?  Have a fun date?  Exhange cards?  Gifts?  Anything?

We didn’t do much yesterday.  Simon was in bed by the time Daddy came home and we just had some Thai takeout.  Simon and I saved our celebration for today!

Simon’s shirt is an arrow pointing to his face that says “Man Of Your Dreams”. Cheeky little guy.

Today we had a little Valentine’s Day party with a bunch of Simon’s little friends!  It was so much fun, we got to make Valentine’s, make snacks (it was a potluck), and the kids got to run around destroying my house.  Really, it got way more out of control than usual.

But it was all in the name of love!

I love a good potluck, and this one turned out really well!  Normally everyone wants to bring chips and dip, or soda, or something lame like that.  But we had everything from pizza and sushi to banana bread and cookie dough dip.



























Simon and I made the pizza.  Besides us, one of our friends is vegetarian, and another is vegan, so we made one a veggie pizza: green peppers and onions with cheese, and one vegan: hummus and roasted veggies (red pepper, red onion, yellow squash).  We used Pillsbury pizza crusts (accidentally vegan!).  They both came out great!

Everything was really delicious, Simon and I ate way too much!  He was a big fan of the fruit and the pizza.  I tried to get him to try the sushi, but I don’t think he understood what to do with it.

After snacking, we went ahead and exchanged Valentines!  Having a kid can be so much fun.  I think you stop exchanging Valentines in elementary school, so its been over 15 years!

    Simon’s Valentines from his friends!

I made Simon’s Valentines this year.  You can see some of his older friends helped with theirs this year, I can’t wait until he can help me next year!

I got the idea from make and take, they came out pretty cute…

  Candy free by adding a felt sticker instead of a chocolate heart!

We had such a fun day!  I hope you found a fun way to celebrate Valentines day too!  Have you found anything to be more fun now that you have kids?  Or if you don’t have kids, is there anything you anticipate being more fun?  It is definitely a coin with two sides, but days like this makes any bad day worth it.


8 thoughts on “A Little Love Party

  1. Sounds like you had a great day!! And the mobile is so cute! I was thinking of doing something like that with the Daisies, but opted for a heart wreath instead (I pinned it on Pinterest…of course lol). Since I don’t have kids, I use our meetings for my arts and crafts fix. The wreaths came out really cute but definitely took longer than I thought they would. If I had a do over I would have stapled the hearts ahead of time so all the girls had to do was decorate them. Plus, then they don’t put gems or stickers where staples need to go. That happened with some of the girls’ and I had gems falling off left and right lol

  2. Now that looks like my kind of pot-luck! Love your decorations as well. I’ve gotten so crafty since Summer came along, and I’m having so much fun. However, I know it will be even more fun when she’s able to participate. So looking forward to that – for now she just makes messes, although she’s getting really good at putting scraps of paper in the trash can when I ask. 🙂

  3. I love hearing about Simon’s playgroup. The playgroup parties I had for you & your bothers are some of my best memories from when you were all kids. I’m glad you took my suggestion & started one for Simon. Hopefully he’ll have as good a memory as his mom & will remember at least some of the playgroup fun when he grows up. And they will be wonderful memories for you too:)


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