Conscious Box

A few months ago, I went through my Discover statement, and realized I had been getting charged $30 for months, from a company I ordered something from…months ago.  $30 every month going towards nothing.

So I called them and cancelled it.  Around this same time, I had happened upon this phenomenon of monthly boxes, and figured I would technically still be “making” money if some of that $30 went towards that.  No, this is not sound financial advice.  But its good logic if you are trying convince yourself you should have something you don’t necessarily need.

But oh, these boxes are fun!  I waited until now to post about it because I was planning on sending it to my sister in law for her birthday.  We both got our boxes this month, and as always, it was so much fun to open.

Everything was really cool!  I’ve actually used that salt before, I was surprised to see it!  I also can’t wait to use the soap sample that is off to the far right.  Simon was enamored with the Badger Balm sample.  He wouldn’t let that thing out of his hot little hand all day.  What I want to talk about though, is that which is front and center.  Mm hmm.  The wine bar.

Wine?  In a bar?  With chocolate?  Yes, please.  There was actually another full sized bar to sample underneath.

I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t eat the Winetime bar immediately.  I was a little wary, because a lot of time bars like this can be kind of chalky.  So I jotted down my reaction as I ate it, and it went something like this:

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Holy crap, that is delicious.

This doesn’t taste like wine, and if you’re hoping to get a buzz off of it, it isn’t going to happen.  But it is chewy and chocolately, rich and delicious.  I would buy these again for sure.  Undoubtedly.  I think I need to find out where they sell them.

While not as obviously exciting as a bar made with wine, I was pretty pumped about the quinoa bar as well.  This one had a little more protein (4g vs 6 g), and had a lot less sugar.  While the Winetime bar is more of a treat, this seemed like something you could eat more regularly.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be happening.  This reaction was not worth documenting, but it debated whether or not I wanted to finish it, so that was reaction enough for me.  My tastes have changed significantly since having Simon, I feel like this is something I would have eaten pre-baby.  Now though, it had a cardboard quality to it.  I can appreciate the lack of sugar, but at this point in my life, I’m not willing to eat something, especially something packaged, if it isn’t something I like!

Have you ever considered signing up for a monthly box subscription?  I toyed with the idea a few times before I actually went ahead and use my “financial windfall” towards a subscription.  There are a ton of options, everything from books to toddler activities.  I chose the Conscious Box because I liked their mission statement, I liked that they sent a variety of products, from snacks to diaper cream, and I liked that everything was vegetarian, and mostly vegan.

There were a few other tasty treats and samples in this box, and I am so looking forward to receiving more next month!  Hopefully they will be worth sharing as well.


2 thoughts on “Conscious Box

    • Wow, I priced these out online, and they are $3.00 a bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $3.00? I’ll take an entire cheap bottle of wine for double that price, yikes.

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