New Baby Knitting

I know I said I was learning to crochet.  I still am.  But when I got the message that my friend’s baby was on her way, I threw that crochet hook down faster than you could say “chain one”.

With the hook momentarily cast aside, I bought some new yarn, picked up my needles, weeded through all the patterns, and cast on 72 stitches for a Tiffany Lace newborn baby hat.


This was a really fun little hat to knit!  The scalloped edging, the points, the lace pattern, it all came together pretty quickly.  I have yet to really do a lot of lace knitting, so it really came out better than I was anticipating.  Not without mistake, and not with the most even tension, but all in all, it looks cute on a baby’s head!  I have a lot of yarn left over, and I’m planning on making the same hat for another friend who is having a little girl.

I had originally planned on using some DPNs for this project, but somewhere between taking them out of their packaging and starting the project, one got lost.  So it used the Magic Loop method for the first time.  I lost count of how many times I started this hat.  Sometimes I didn’t get further than the cast on before starting over.  A few times I was already rows in before I realized I counted something wrong.  I almost scrapped it completely, but my friend convinced me to keep at it.  Once I had re-committed to it, I sped through it with relative ease.

We stopped by to drop off our gifts today.  Every time I see a new baby now, it is so hard to believe that Simon was ever that size.  It is such a welcome reminder of when your own little baby was born, how they looked, acted, smelled, and how much they have changed and grown.

Simon, his first day home.

When Simon was born, I had just barely learned to knit.  I had only made a scarf, and I tried to make him a hat, but it was gigantic.  The opportunity to knit for others’ new babies is just so much fun!  Baby projects are cute, quick, and always warmly appreciated.

For good measure, I also brought them a nice big plate of my Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Just because nothing says “Congratulations”, quite like a giant plate of cookies.


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