Avocado and Roses

Today was a pretty important day for my husband. Yet somehow, I was the one who ended up with flowers.



Not from my husband’s hand, rather his employer’s. I love having them in the house all the same.

Yellow flowers are a symbol of welcoming and friendship, so maybe having them perched atop the television stand (so Ivan doesn’t eat them), has me feeling a little friendly. Or maybe I’m feeling proud of my husband, but either way, I wanted to make him something he wanted for dinner.

I almost asked him, but quickly realized I already knew what he wanted:




Tacos.. Of course. The only thing he ever asks for when I ask if he wants anything, but I never actually make.

No recipe here, we just use the Morningstar crumbles and end up with deliciousness. I’m not always a big fan of the crumbles, but they really work well in tacos. Topped with tomato, lettuce, and Simon’s favorite, avocado, you can really almost call these pretty healthy.


Speaking of, here are my tips for the day on: Avocados. I’m sure you’ve seen how to deconstruct it for consumption: Twist out the pit, scoop flesh with a spoon. My trick? If your avocado is ripe, you should just be able to peel it. After being cut in half, the skin should really come right off, as it did above.

To keep your avocados fresh, when they’re ripe, put them in a green bag (yes they are worth the money, I love them), and stick them in the fridge. I bought a bag of 5 avocados at Sam’s Club almost 2 weeks ago and those that are left are still absolutely perfect.

If you’re worried about it being overripe, pop out the little eye. A good avocado will still be green underneath.

A better plan would be to plan ahead and buy them before they’re ripe. Avocados only ripen after they have been picked, so a unripe avocado will ripen on your countertop.

We are so glad that today is over. The stress building up to today has been weighty, and unfortunately it doesn’t end here, rather this only marks the beginning. Still a day of flowers and tacos is a welcome respite to celebrate accomplishments and prepare for what is ahead.


2 thoughts on “Avocado and Roses

  1. Firstly, your family is adorable and I adore the concept of your “child led blog”! Secondly, when I ask my husband what he wants as a special dinner he says tacos too! (either that or lasagne). I mostly just eat my tacos deconstructed but I love them too.
    Great tip about the green bags! I’ve almost bought them several times before but couldn’t quite convince myself. It would be nice to have certain foods last a bit longer in the fridge!

    • I really do love them! They works especially well for herbs. The only thing I’ve really found they don’t do wonderfully for is zucchini. They still help, but not as much as I’d like!

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