Popping Corn

I have been really into popcorn lately. I have always had microwave popcorn in my pantry as a go to snack. There is a lot of hubbub running around the Internet about the manufactured bags being bad for you. I’m not convinced that is true, but I figured popcorn without artificial butter or other flavorings is still probably better for you. So I decided I would just buy the kernels plain and pop them in a paper bag in the microwave. People rave about how simple and easy this is but for me it was a fail every single time. In one night I would try three or four times, only to have either half-popped, burnt, or unpopped popcorn left in my bag. That would be followed by eating whatever snack we had lying around, out of frustration.

Then today, something wonderful happened!


No, I never figured out the microwave trick. But my mom came to visit Simon (let’s face it, she’s not really here to see me), and she brought the popcorn maker my dad got in a Christmas gift exchange a few years ago. It is the Presto Stirring Popper by Orville Redenbacher, and so far it’s working great!

I’m so excited to have healthy popcorn as a nighttime snack option. While I’m not counting calories this time around, I just had to check, and 1oz of popcorn is around 100 calories. The 1/3 cup it recommends is around 2oz, which is great! Perfect for that mindless munching routine I often get sucked into at night.


In fact that probably leaves room for a glass of wine with my popcorn, right? Just…a small glass?



3 thoughts on “Popping Corn

  1. woohooo popcorn! I rank it among my favorite foods of all time. I’m lucky enough to have married someone who loves it as much as I do and is very good at popping corn in a pot on the stove. Sometimes I look over his shoulder and encourage him not to use quite so much olive oil…but it’s sooo good!

    • That’s my apprehension to the stove, I feel like I use so much oil! I’m going to try and get a little more creative with the popper, its pretty nifty.

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