State of the Family

While this blog isn’t dedicated to keeping my extended family updated on what we are up to, the fact is, a lot of family and friends read it. And because we aren’t close to them, and don’t see them as often as we might like, I thought it might be nice to do a general update about how things are going with everyone around here lately.

Simon: Yesterday, Simon officially turned 13 months old! We are done with the onesie pictures, and I honestly didn’t realize until the day was almost over. Silly February being such a short month, threw me off.  I still haven’t updated my watch with the correct date.

Some of Simon’s most exciting news is that he had his first swim class this past week! He was so cute in the pool, he loves the water, loves bathtime, so we had a feeling it would be a hit. He was the wettest baby there, he was splashing and playing and having so much fun. Plus we got to see some friends we hadn’t seen in awhile, and meet some new friends.

He has started taking steps here and there. We met someone today at the library who couldn’t believe that he wasn’t walking, because he moves around so fast. But really, he still stands up, crawls over, stands up, cruises, crawls over, stands up, etc. He is a very mobile guy; on the go, all the time. His 12 month Dr appointment was last week, he is still pretty low on the weight percentages, and with how active he is, I don’t expect that to change.

He is still a great eater though! My friends with slightly older kids are always telling me to be ready for that to change, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I’m sure he will have a picky phase at some point, but I don’t have to look forward to it! He loved his dinner tonight, which was something that every vegetarian probably tries at least once. Recipes for it pop up in multiple books I own, and it has definitely been featured in many of the magazines I subscribe to. The simple, classic, Red Lentil Pasta Sauce.

We actually have never tried any version of this before. The lentils are meant to be a substitute to chunky meat based sauces, and they do add some nice texture. I thought I would be creative and wing it, and..well I did wing it, but it wasn’t creative. I had a jar of pasta sauce, I had lentils. I cooked a cup of lentils, added the pasta sauce, threw in some extra seasoning, and called it a dinner. Simon loves gnocchi, and these are made with sweet potato and whole wheat flour, so it makes me feel like I’m giving him something healthier than plain dried pasta (not that he doesn’t eat his fair share of that).

We also put his crib in our room shortly after his first birthday (the following day, actually).  It is nestled up against ours, as a sidecar, so he is still close to Mommy and Daddy, but not too close.  He might not be the biggest baby around, but our queen size bed was getting a little snug.  So far he is loving it!  While he does still end up in our bed sometimes, he mostly prefers his own space.  There are plenty of times that he will be in bed with me, and will crawl over into his crib and fall back to sleep.  I’m really hoping that it will better prepare him for being in his own bed, in his own room.  Which we are hoping to accomplish before his second birthday.  I know that will be an adventure though, so when the time comes, I’m hoping to make it as gentle a transition as possible.

Daddy: Speaking of adventures, my husband is gearing up for one as well. Obviously due to the nature of his job I have to be somewhat vague, but we are really excited and proud of him! He has a lot more responsibility, which means longer hours and more stress, but it is a great opportunity for him.

The weather has been nice, so on his days off he has been taking care of some house maintenance.  Of course we were back to 10 degrees and frozen pipes today, but it should warm up again by mid week. Oh, and his birthday is coming up! Next week he will be so old. Unfortunately he is going to be away on his birthday, so we will get to celebrate the weekend before.  I see cookie cake in our future.

Mommy: Not that Daddy’s birthday isn’t important, but my birthday is this month also! It’s really kind of fun having everyone’s birthdays close together.  I’m also really excited for Easter.  I know that isn’t until April, but its always pretty close to my birthday, so I kind of think of them together.

I have been trying really hard to stick with a menu plan, but it isn’t working so well. Does anyone else have this problem? I make a menu, buy the food, and then I don’t want to make what I thought sounded yummy a few days prior.

Our gym visits are still not regular, although we get there at least once a week. That makes me cringe, we used to almost every day! Last time I took him, he screamed as soon as we walked in the door, although he was apparently fine while I was gone. I am still going to keep trying to go with him in the morning to get my short cardio workout in, but I’m also going to start an “at home” program tomorrow. My husband has been trying to get me to start doing something at home for months. Many months. Since Simon was born. I just wasn’t interested in the things he wanted to do. I finally found something I wanted to do though, and I think I can stick with it. I’m going to start it tomorrow, I’ll keep you updated.

Mommy with friends.

Other than that, Simon and I spend a lot of our time with friends, or making new friends. Most weeks, we have something planned every day. Today Simon’s Grammy visited, and we still went to storytime at the library and had playtime. This kid adores the library.

Simon with toys.

I’d like to think that I have a little bookworm on my hands, but as much as he does enjoy being read too….he’s really just there for the toys.

Everyone:  I almost forgot our most exciting news!!  We are going on our first family vacation!  In a few weeks we will be boarding a big old boat and cruising to the Bahamas for a week to relax.  This is Simon’s first ever vacation, and really our first vacation that we’ve gone on by ourselves.  We went on a few little 4 day trips when we lived in Hawaii, and we have been on vacations with both of our families, but never just us.  All the vacations we have taken with our families are wonderful, and I’m sure there will be more in the future, but it is really exciting to be doing something this “big” with just us.

If you are looking to keep up with us on a more regular basis, check out the Facebook page for our blog!  This applies to everyone visiting, as I said, this isn’t meant to be a family blog.  But if you are coming here from my personal Facebook page, you’re only seeing about 10% of our posts!

So that, is pretty much what is going on with us.  Nothing too terribly exciting, but we are having fun!


5 thoughts on “State of the Family

  1. Thanks Gina. This member of the extended fam really enjoyed the update. And I love the picture of Simon peeking through the toy.

  2. Gina… Glad to hear all is well. Simon is so cute! I don’t know your home workout plan but I’m currently loving Basically you need a timer and some weights and maybe some furniture to repurpose (I dopush ups and dips off the coffee table). The workouts are usually 12 minutes, sometimes a little longer… I almost always break a sweat and am often sore the next day. I do it at night after the girls go to sleep, but if I were a morning person and didn’t have to teach at 7:30 am, I imagine the morning before they wake up would be a great time to do it. I love the efficiency!

    Anyway…let me know what you are getting into! (Also, can you email me your address? Your thank you note got sent to us. Long story, but it was sent to half of your MO address.)

    Have fun on the cruise!

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