Slutty Brownie Birthday Cake

It is that time of the year again!  That’s right, we are smack in the middle of birthday season.  Over the course of two months, my sister in law, then Simon, my other sister in law, then my brother, my mother in law, followed by my other brother, my husband (aka today!), and then me (the 30th, mark your calendar), all celebrate our birthdays.

We celebrated my husband’s birthday a little this weekend.  He got to pick where to go for breakfast, his favorite meal.  Unfortunately, they weren’t serving breakfast anymore by the time we got there, so we ended up going to his favorite place for dinner:  Denny’s.   I know.

The celebration was supposed to end yesterday, because he was scheduled to be away all week.  Luckily plans changed, so we did get to celebrate his actual birthday with him.  Which can only mean one thing:  Cookie Cake.

I’ve made him cookie cake in years past, always the same version.  It is delicious (and vegan), but  really wanted to do something different this year.  It didn’t hurt that I absolutely already had something in mind.

Have you seen these images popping up all around the internet?

Cookie + Oreos + Brownie = Slutty Brownies (I didn’t make it up) = The perfect birthday dessert for Nick.

I couldn’t just make him brownies for his birthday though.  No, it had to be a cake.  So I made a super awesome “Slutty Brownie” brownie cake.

There is barely even a recipe for this (although you can find its origination here).  Buy a box of brownie mix, a package or Oreos, and a bag of cookie dough mix.  Follow the instructions, adding a little more oil to the cookie dough, and layer the cookie dough, Oreos, and brownie batter.  The only difference I made to the original recipe was using a springform pan, and skipping the parchment.   I hate parchment lining anything.  I prefer to lotion up the pan with butter, and then flour it.  I’m sure there is a technical term for this, but I remember my mom doing it when I was younger, and so far it has not failed me in any recipe that calls for parchment lining.

The extra oil is to add to the cookie dough mix, because you are cooking it longer than you normally would.  Makes enough sense, right?  This came out…well…kind of amazing.  Kind of underdone, but amazing just the same.  I baked mine at 350 for 40 minutes.  Next time around, I won’t use all of the brownie batter.  Don’t worry, I won’t throw it away, it will go to good use as a brownie cup, or something like that.  Although Nick was perfectly happy with his ooey-gooey-chocolately-delicious birthday “cake”.

Chocolate chip cookies + Oreos + Brownies + Frosting = Only on a birthday.

Happy Birthday Nick!


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