Luck in a Bottle

To every thing there is a season.  To every season there is a holiday.  And for every holiday, we have a party.

This week:  St Patrick’s Day!

Admittedly, not my favorite holiday.  I’m not Irish, and I never really bought that “everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s Day” excuse to go out.  But an excuse to have a party during playgroup for the kiddos?  Count me in!

My husband is Irish, and I had intentions of making my mother in law’s Irish soda bread recipe, but one of our friends is vegan, and since I’ve never had Irish soda bread before, I didn’t feel comfortable making substitutions.  So I did end up making this whole wheat vegan Irish soda bread.  Pretty yummy.












I also made some limeade.  Limes are green.  Limeade isn’t.  But the intention was there, and it was good!  I don’t like to drink sugar (I prefer to eat it), so I used liquid stevia, which frankly, is a lot easier than using sugar because you don’t have to make a simple syrup, you just drop it in.

{5 parts water to 1 part lime juice, lots of ice, and about 10 drops of stevia per cup of liquid.}

What was really the most exciting this time was that we did a craft:  St Patty’s Day sensory bottles!  All of the kids are under 2, and I think we just assumed they wouldn’t really be able to do much (without making a gigantic mess).  But they proved us wrong today!

Everyone brought their own empty water bottle, and we set up a bunch of different things to fill it with:  glitter, beads, pom poms, shamrock confetti, plastic flowers, etc.

They obviously needed a little guidance, but they did really great putting the smaller objects into their bottles!




Maybe Simon needed a little more help than the others!  He is one of the younger kids, but he got a few of the things that actually fit in the bottle, inside of it.  It was impressive enough for me!

We filled them to the top with water, and they came out so cute!

We sealed them with hot glue, and let them shake away with their new lucky sensory bottles!









I’m so happy we did these!  First, because I know Simon will love playing with it, especially in the car.  Second, because it was so much fun to see how much the little ones can do.  Watching Simon grow up can bring a tear to my eye; he isn’t such a baby anymore.  But it is always accompanied with a smile.  Lately it seems like he is doing something new every day, and watching him discover how smart he is makes every day so worthwhile.

I’m already excited for our next party!


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