“I Did This!”

I leave reviews all over the internet:  Yelp, food.com, and now Pinterest.

Yeah, that’s right, Pinterest.  I know that isn’t the intention of the site, but I just couldn’t help myself.  When I try something great, I want people to know.  I even more so want people to know when I try something horrible.  Example:  Bath Crayons

They do not work.  They looked just like the picture, beautiful!  I thought perhaps it was just my tub, but I put them in Simon’s gift bags for his birthday party (so I was extra irritated that they didn’t work).  Survery says: dud.

So I’m proposing a Pinterest revolution.  Okay, revolution is a strong word, let’s just call it a good idea:  The “I Did This!” Board.

The concept is pretty simple.  When I do something that I’ve previously pinned, I go and edit the pin, leave a short review in the description, and move it to the “I Did This!” board.

I have not one, but two such pins to move tonight.  First, a green onion trick.  Second, a veggie pad thai recipe.

A few weeks ago, I needed some green onions for a recipe, and remembered this tip.  I also happened to have an empty plastic bottle lying around (which is actually rare).  I chopped up what I needed, and threw the rest in the bottle, and threw that into the freezer.

Today, I took it out, and added it to the pan of pad thai I was cooking up.  This worked well, since I was okay with warming the onion in the warm dish.  However, most recipes that I use green onions for, call for them to be raw.  So, that made it not as successful.  I suppose you could defrost them, but I imagine they would be wilted.

The pad thai itself, came out pretty well!  Ever since watching Alton’s show on Pad Thai, I have never attempted any version of it at home.  I’ve had bad pad thai, and I didn’t want to go there.  Seeing what goes into a traditional pad thai sauce, coupled with my limited Thai cooking knowledge, I didn’t think there would really be any way to truly make a vegetarian version that could hold up.  This recipe does not come close to pad thai.  But it was still really good.  The directions were vague, and my recipe loving self was wary, but we were all really happy with the results.

I did make this vegetarian, my husband loves egg, and since it is still his birthday week, he is getting a few more things his way than he normally would!  The original recipe just leaves out the egg, but you could also make tofu the same way as I did in my vegan fried rice.

So what do you think?  “I Did This!” Boards for all?  Hey if nothing else, feel free to follow mine!


7 thoughts on ““I Did This!”

  1. I love the idea of the I Did It board…I may have to make one tonight since I did just make a recipe from Pinterest and it came out fabulous!

  2. I’m totally gonna do the “i did this” idea! i’ve been too lazy to do it but have been contemplating for a while 🙂 thanks!

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