Moon Jars

This was not my idea.  I am not that creative.  I like recipes, patterns, and craft tutorials.  Perhaps this is why I am so fond of Pinterest.  Yes, that’s right, I found this on Pinterest, too (you can’t be surprised).

Anyway, the original was the Sun Jar, but mine came out to have more of a cool, rather than warm, tint to them, so I’m calling them my Moon Jars.

I admit, when I pinned this, I thought it was so cool but I would never ever do it.  Then while out and about one day, we dropped by the dollar store.  And right in front of me was a huge display of solar lights.  For a DOLLAR.  So I picked one up, just to test it.  After all, you can’t always test dollar store quality.

It worked.  Then, I got excited.  The next day I went back to the dollar store and bought 5 more.  Simon and I continued on to WalMart where we got a bunch of jars with glass lids.  Then, we stopped.  I couldn’t find the frosted glass spray paint.  I’m sure it has to exist somewhere, but not where I was looking, and the people I asked looked at me like I was nuts.  So I went to the always-trusted Amazon, and found some paint-on frosted glass paint.  I thought this would be easier.  But, that was only because for some reason I had it in my head that I would have to paint the inside.  Spray painting the inside evenly seemed hard.  After doing the first one, my husband pointed out that it would be much easier to do the outside.  It was so obvious.  And it would have been so much easier with spray paint.  The only upside to painting, rather than spraying, is that you can bake the glassware, and then it is dishwasher safe.  I highly doubt these will ever need to go through a dishwasher though.  In fact, we don’t even own a dishwasher (yet?).

Regardless, I still think they still came out well.  I used Gorilla glue to attach the solar light to the lid of the jar.  You can use any type of adhesive that works with glass though.

And just for the record, hot glue does not work.  I read a few different sources say it does work, and a few say it didn’t, and I agree with the latter.

Gorilla glue needs some time to set, but after about an hour, they were set, it was dark, and my Moon Jars were ready to be tested.

A big one on the front porch.

A small one inside by the back door.

I haven’t done much (camera phone) nighttime photography, so the graininess was just inevitable.  They work really well though!  I do have plans for the other four, they all will have their own nice sunny spot to occupy around the house.

Chalk that up to as another Pinterest success story (and it has since been added to the “I Did This” board).  My house is just becoming more and more crafty every week.


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