A Wreath Full of Peeps

I just plain love Peeps.  Every year my husband (and others) tell me how gross they are.  In his words “They just don’t seem like food”.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re just a sugar covered marshmallow.  What’s not to love?

Generally, I do try to avoid marshmallows and all gelatin, but I definitely admit to slipping in Peeps around this time of the year.  I just can’t resist those day glow yellow chicks.  At the very least, I’ve stopped eating the Peeps they now make for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines’ Day, etc.  Well, unless someone buys them for me.  Most people know that I love Peeps though, so I can’t say I’m never gifted them.  I’ve even gotten the occasional box that already has a slit cut in it because I like them stale (I’m not the only one!).

Anyway, this year I am seeing Easter decorations involving Peeps, everywhere.  I figure this satisfies both the Peeps lovers and haters.  The haters get to poke them with sticks, scald them with hot glue, and leave them out to get rock hard and really inedible.  While the Peeps lovers get a lovely reminder of their favorite treat, and get to eat the leftovers.

Some examples included traditional yellow chicks, some multicolored chicks, some multicolored bunnies.  Some had mounds of Peeps, others lined them up in neat rows.  I kept mine nice and simple, and tried not to waste too many Peeps in the process.

I kept it all yellow, but went with bunnies.  Because, they’re kind of cuter.  Yes, the chicks are signature, but those bunnies just look so friendly.  Perfect to hang on the door to say, “Welcome, we love Spring”!

I wrapped a foam wreath with glossy brown ribbon, then hot glued my Peeps on.

I thought it’d be a good idea to do this in the garage.  I’m not really sure why, but it worked out, because I was able to glue my Peeps while Simon played with his new favorite ball.

He is pretty sturdy standing up now, and is walking (very) short distances.  I still wouldn’t call him a walker, but it seems like any day now he is just going to run away from me(!!).

After some playtime, I found some leftover ribbon, and hung my Peeps proudly on the front door.

I thought about ways to preserve my Peeps, because I wanted to save my wreath.  I searched for awhile, and didn’t find much in the way of Peeps preservation.  The best that I came up with was that they dried up so rock hard that they should last wrapped up in a plastic bag anyway (I suppose that proves my husband’s point in some way).  I did find plenty of people worried about ants and other bugs getting into the Peeps.  Gross.  I am hoping that our storm door will protect the Peeps from most buggy creatures.

I am so excited about my Peeps wreath, that I am considering making some other kind of Peeps decoration for our Easter party.  Easter is my favorite holiday.  I told you I really like spring, that is part of it.  Why I like Easter:  I like looking for my present, I like candy (specifically sugary candy like Peeps and jelly beans), I like Easter egg hunts, I like egg salad sandwiches (we always had tchristmasvhese after we dyed our Easter eggs), and I like that it is usually warm enough to wear a cute dress.  I also like that it doesn’t have the same pressure that there is around Christmastime.  Sorry Christmas.

This year we will mainly be celebrating Easter with our playgroup friends, and then the actual holiday with just my husband and Simon.  I have such fond Easter memories, I do wish we were going to see our family, but we have a lot of traveling in our immediate future, and it is just too much driving for a little boy.

Do you love or hate Peeps?  Have you ever made anything with them (or conducted any experiments?)?  Does anyone else love Easter?  I can’t wait for Simon’s first real Easter egg hunt!  Perhaps by then, he’ll be toddling around with the bigger kids!

Love my Peeps!


9 thoughts on “A Wreath Full of Peeps

  1. It came out so cute! I hope it stays nice for you! Since you love Peeps so much I think you should come visit me since they make them in the town next to mine! haha I dont know if they do tours, but it’d be pretty cool if they did. I looove peeps and have fond memories of my mom sending me them when I was in college. I’m a big fan of heating them up in the microwave, just until they start to get bigger in size. yumm.

    • So I REALLY like Peeps, and I watched the “Unwrapped” on them, and they for sure don’t do tours 😦 I’ve never heard of anyone heating them up!!

    • Actually, someone suggested a spray varnish on another blog I read, but it just melted the sugar. Lacquer might have worked, but now they’re attached to the ribbon. They’re pretty hard right now!

  2. I used to have a bizarre obsession with Peeps, too… Although my own fascination focused on different ways to destroy them. Even before I could drive, I enlisted my father to help me run over a package with the car, just to see how they would squish. The image of a lone Peep chick, flattened and stuck on the wheel of the car will stay with me forever. Ah, good memories…

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