Friendly Competition: Update

I realized today that I haven’t talked at all about how our friendly competition is going.  It has been about a month, and it seemed an update was only appropriate.

All in all:  Okay.  It’s been a month and I’ve lost about 3 pounds, which is better than a sharp stick in the eye.  In fact, it’s better than I have done in months, so I dare say I’m fairly pleased.  I noticed yesterday that I was really feeing a lot better too.  Which I followed up with some ice cream.  Moderation, right?

So, this is what I have been doing thus far:

Fitness:  I go to the gym with Simon when I can, which is normally twice a week.  When I’m there I do cardio, normally my 20 minute workout, followed by easy walking on the treadmill.  Simon has gotten much better at the child care, and its nice to have some time to myself.  I really don’t get much out of the additional 20 or 30 minutes.

Two days a week at the gym isn’t going to cut it for weight loss though, I recognize that.  I mentioned in my original post that I was going to start a program at home and…I actually did!  My husband is doing it with me, and we are currently on Week 3 of:  You Are Your Own Gym.

Basically it is bodyweight exercises.  The routine is good, and it changes up enough to make it interesting.  Plus, they also have a really awesome app that somehow makes it more motivating.  When I open it up and see all the little green check marks of workouts I’ve completed I get all proud of myself!  It times everything for you, gives photos and descriptions of the exercises, and lays out the workouts so you don’t have to drag out the book.  Its especially good since we are doing different levels, so different exercises, and we don’t have to share one book.  The app is $1.99; if you somehow ended up here wondering whether or not the app is worth it, it totally is.  In fact, you could probably just get the gist of the program and follow along with just the app.  Just for the record, I have zero affiliation with this book (or app).  I am not getting paid for this (although I’m open to it, if they offer).

Anyway, there are a few things I like about this program.  First, it is bodyweight, so we don’t have to be keeping dumbbells in the house (we have them, but they’re out in the garage).  I get a good workout in under 30 minutes, and while I am often sore the next day, I don’t get all sweaty.  We do this after Simon goes to bed.  I don’t want to shower that late at night, and frankly, I don’t want to change into a sports bra.  Believe me, that’s important.  And even with fitting those requirements, whatever body part is being targeted is wobbly when I’m done.  Today is my arms.  I’m lucky this is even being typed.

Nutrition:  While I can work out all I want, I know that what I eat is the most important.  “They” say that getting in good shape is 80% nutrition.  I might have fessed up to the ice cream, but I really have been trying to eat well.  Not count calories, not follow some kind of diet, just eat the food I know I should be eating.  I have been keeping myself accountable by writing what I do eat in a little notebook.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few entries for M&Ms, Girl Scout Cookies, and of course, the Slutty Brownie Birthday Cake (that may have shown up a few times before it was done), but at least I’m honest.  I’m not entirely proud of everything that goes into it, but its most important function is simple:  to remind me to eat.  If I don’t have something reminding me to eat, I don’t eat nearly enough (I still need to keep up calories while breastfeeding), and then I eat whatever happens to be around when I finally sit down at night.  So I’ve been packing snacks, and trying to eat more during the day.  Just in case, I have an emergency Larabar stash in my car.

Nothing has really changed about what we eat for our regular meals, although I did try a somewhat healthier Mac and Cheese recipe tonight.  It is a Mark Bittman recipe, and it was just okay.  The fact that it used cauliflower instead of milk or cream was a bonus, but it really needed more cheesey flavor to be called Mac and Cheese.

In fact, I think I prefer my favorite vegan version.  It wasn’t bad, we ate it, but I wouldn’t add it to the Mac and Cheese roster.  Does anyone else have a whole slew of Mac and Cheese recipes they make?  This is one thing that I make repeatedly, but I have a few recipes that I like and rotate through.

So that is one month down, two months to go.  If I could lose another 3 pounds both months, that would be awesome, heck, that’d pretty much be my “Last Ten Pounds” I have been hoping for.  No pressure!


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