My Birthday Eve

Dinner tonight, was great. I broke out one of my favorite books, Vegan with a Vengeance. Actually it got pulled out last night because I wanted to be able to marinate our Mango Ginger Tofu overnight. It was a much more labor intensive dish than I’ve been making lately, but it was definitely worth it.


Time intensive because the marinade is cooked beforehand. Super good, but I did use less ginger.

The real excitement of today though, came after dinner. My birthday present came a day early! It was a big one, and I have been stalking the mailman for it all week:


Oh my goodness I am so very excited. That’s about all I can say for right now because I’m going to go play with my new favorite toy!

Happy Birthday Eve to me!



7 thoughts on “My Birthday Eve

    • Thanks Hannah! I have been playing with it all weekend. So much fun, but I don’t know how soon any pictures from it will be gracing the blog, haha!

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