Braving The Oven: Spinach Calzones

So here’s something you probably didn’t know about me:  I am terrified of my oven.

People who like to cook will tell you how much better it is to have a gas stove.  So after hearing this for a few years, I was thrilled that when we bought our first house it came with our very own gas stove.  But after almost a year, it is still scares me.

It isn’t the fire, I’m okay with that, its the gas.  Like if I put on a burner, and it doesn’t catch, and it smells like gas?  I won’t try again for at least a few minutes.  It doesn’t help that our fire alarm is so close to the stove that it alarms if the oven is set to anything over 400 degrees.

So when I pulled our pizza dough out of the fridge for dinner, I held my breath when I saw it wanted me to put my oven to 500 degrees.  500?  I didn’t even know home ovens went that high.  Go ahead, roll your eyes.

So I set it to preheat to 500.  Then, quickly decided that Simon needed his diaper changed, and turned it off.  You had better be certain that I wasn’t about to leave that oven unattended for even a minute.

After dilly-dallying for a few minutes after that, I went back, and clicked it back up to 500.  And waited.

Turns out it takes a long time for an oven to heat up to 500, so I had plenty of time to make our calzones while we waited.

Cheese and Spinach Calzones

You Need:
~20oz Multi-grain pizza dough, portioned into 4 pieces
(We buy ours from Hannaford, near the specialty cheeses. Of course, you can always make your own)
10oz frozen chopped spinach, defrost and squeeze out excess water
16oz low fat ricotta cheese
1 cup 2% shredded mozarella cheese
salt and pepper to taste
a few pinches of nutmeg

You Will:
Each portion of dough should be pulled into a circle. Mix filling by combining the cheeses, spinach, S&P and nutmeg. Place approximately 1/4 of the filling on each portion of dough, fold over, and roll up edges so that it is sealed. Cut a 1 inch slit in the top of the dough. Bake at 500 degrees (yes, 500 degrees!) for 10-12 minutes.

In addition to being scared of my oven, homemade pizza makes me nervous.  This poor bag of dough had been in our fridge for at least a week.  But I’ve been trying to avoid simple carbohydrates, and pizza is really our most frequent offender in that department.  I really wanted pizza last night though, so it was time, and I was so surprised with how quickly this came together!  From making the rounds, to the filling, to baking, I think heating up the oven really was what took the longest!

Totally thrilled to have an easy pizza night option that is super easy, versatile, and free of those pesky white carbohydrates!  My oven fear isn’t completely over, I doubt I will ever leave the kitchen (or let Simon in), while that oven is cranked all the way up, but at least I can brave the scary oven to get some pizza out of it!


2 thoughts on “Braving The Oven: Spinach Calzones

  1. Yeah…ovens. It’s not the gas that bothers me, it’s the heat. It’s just so…hot. That high temp really does make for good pizza crust though!
    Your calzones look wonderful! There’s something really comforting and delicious about that spinich and cheese wrapped in crust.

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