Oh Fudge, Foiled Again

When we were youger, we mainly played educational computer games. I have fond memories of a game called Museum Madness that I don’t think anyone will ever understand but my brother. I actually found a download for it, but that might ruin the memory. One of them that I don’t recall the name of was a spelling game. It involved a castle, and a knight/king/dragon, and when you spelled the word right and got to pass, one of them always said “Oh fudge, foiled again.”

And that phrase has been repeating in my head for the past few days.

The past few weeks have been really busy. We threw ourselves right back into our regular schedule when we got back from our cruise, and I still feel like I am playing catch up. I felt like I needed a day off last week, and decided to swap a Friday rest day for a Thursday rest day. No big deal, right? But then Friday we had a playdate at 10, and Simon didn’t wake up until 9. He never sleeps that late! Okay fine, I can really run two days in a row.

Saturday I was getting a little sick and had probably the worst run of my life. Ever! Like bending over panting because I couldn’t take a full breath. And that was with walking 85% of it. Sunday we had to meet a friend at 10 and not only did we not have enough time, there wasn’t anyone to watch Simon at my parents’ house anyway.

So we got back home on Sunday night. I am doing a good job of not beating myself up about it, and I figured we would just have a do-over this week since I had some extra time on the half-marathon training schedule.

“Oh fudge, foiled again.”

We have pretty much spent the last two days like this:


Remember the playdate we went to Friday, the one we missed the run for? All the kiddos had fevers over 100 degrees by Monday afternoon.

This is really Simon’s first time having anything more than an annoying cold. But I chose to deal with it as naturally as I try to deal with his colds. And for a fever, that meant I didn’t do anything. I believe that a fever is your body’s natural and most effective way of fighting off whatever bug/infection/virus you are dealing with.

I did a quick search for natural relief from fevers, and found a pretty nice list. In the end, we went the “lukewarm bath” route, with a bath morning and night. We also went for a walk, and it was by far the happiest he was all day, both yesterday and today.

He is pretty much better now, although it has been a rough 48 hours. But considering how contagious this virus seems to be, there is no way I can bring him to the gym tomorrow. Solutions?:

1. We can run outside
Problem: It is supposed to rain

2. We can use the weather shield
Problem: It was lost in the move and I haven’t ordered another one.

3. We can wait until Thursday, run Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

I think option 3 is the only viable option, so I suppose we are putting it off for another day. If it gets nice out later on we will walk again, but I’m disappointed to be so off schedule already.

Last week was only week 2, and it didn’t get completed. Is it just me, that something always comes up? Something always foils my plans. I’m trying not to get frustrated, trying to tell myself that I still have more than 12 weeks, that I still have time to even start over if I want. I guess I’m just worrying that I’m going to keep doing that until I don’t have 12 weeks left, and then what happens in week 9 when Simon or I gets sick again?

At any rate, right now, I do still have plenty of time to train. Hopefully with the weather getting nicer, any more debilitating sickness is behind us for awhile. At least I can hope. So we will for sure be back to the treadmill/pavement on Thursday, but for now I’m going to spend one more day enjoying the only good thing about having a sick baby:

Baby snuggles.